Free and Accurate Estimates - Know, Don’t Guess.

The Best Way to Prepare for Your Construction Project - and Avoid Costly Surprises

You've heard the stories – perhaps you've even had the experience yourself: You get a builder to work on a project, and you end up way over your budget because of 'unforeseen costs'. At Bald Eagle Construction, we understand exactly how important accurate estimates are for our clients. There's nothing worse than a shoddily drafted proposal. We understand that it’s our responsibility to provide quotes that are as accurate as they can possibly be. You want to know as precisely as possible how much your project is going to run you to complete, including all costs. In order to give our clients exactly this certainty and insight, we have designed a procedure that guarantees a very accurate and reliable estimate of your entire project.

First, contact us for an initial review of your project
Next, we will do a site inspection to determine how to best meet your needs
Then we generate a detailed proposal that tells you exactly what you need to know

As you can see, Bald Eagle's procedures provide an accurate and dependable estimate of your project – in full compliance with the regulations laid down in the Chicago Building Code.