Bald Eagle Construction

Trusted and Professional Chicago Building Services

For over a decade, Bald Eagle Construction has been widely known as the go-to expert for a wide variety of construction projects in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. We're also proud to be the leader in handling City of Chicago building code violations. From taking care of fixing the issues straight through to dealing with the paperwork. For you that means you not only get the job done to our exacting specifications – you'll also be assured that any project we start will comply fully with all Chicago Building Department regulations. Some of the home construction projects we can complete for you:

But that's not all!

Bald Eagle is the leading expert on Chicago Building Code Violations. Our years of experience and qualified workers combine to deliver excellent workmanship and regulation-proof construction, every time.

With a team of architects, general contractors and specialty construction workers we can solve almost any Code Violation you may have. Our experience allows us to instantly assess what is needed to correct your violation. We know the process inside and out, and we handle it for you, from start to finish. From violation repairs and zoning laws to phone calls and permit expediting – we're set up to solve your building problems.