Why Tuckpointing is The Perfect Solution For Brick Chimney Repair

There are few features that look better on a house than a well-designed chimney - assuming the chimney’s well-maintained. That’s the good news. Since chimneys tend to be constructed of brick, maintenance is actually a pretty simple affair, and doesn’t have to be done too often.

But chimney repair does still have to be carried out occasionally.

Harsh weather can cause a lot of damage to mortar joints in any brickwork, especially chimneys. Over time, rain causes mortar to weaken and erode, while low temperatures during winter can cause freezing, and even cracking. To address this damage (and to prevent further damage) tuckpointing is the perfect solution.

A critical maintenance task on any structure that incorporates brickwork, tuckpointing involves removing and replacing weakened or damaged masonry. This strengthens the connections between the bricks in a chimney, while also sealing them against potential water damage. By combining tuckpointing with the laying of additional bricks, you accomplish a few things:

Now, at this point it’s worth mentioning that tuckpointing is a complex process - if you’re set on doing it yourself, check out our step-by-step guide, and bear in mind that chimney tuckpointing involves a few additional challenges:

You can try to tackle this yourself - but you don’t need to. With Bald Eagle Construction, you’ll have one of the best contractors in the Chicago area at your side. No matter what’s happened to your chimney, it’ll be good as new once we’re done. Give us a shout today for a free consultation!