Are you sitting under a roof right now?

What would happen if that roof stopped doing its job?

You don’t often think about your roof. As long as it protects you from the elements you hardly notice the work it does. But with Chicago's rough winters and strong winds, your roof suffers a lot of wear and tear. Ignore that roof too long and you could be left in a serious mess when it stops doing its job. Of course, you already know this. You don’t want to be a victim of a leaking roof, or even worse a collapsed roof. But it isn’t easy to choose a roofing company when it is time to replace your roof. Some roofing companies charge exorbitant rates. Other roofing companies are affordable, but will that roof hold up when the neighbor kid climbs up there to get his baseball? With Bald Eagle Construction, you have don’t have to worry when getting a quote for a new roof. One easy call begins our simple free estimate process.  We will have a reasonable quote to you within 48 hours. So, how do you know our roofs aren’t made out of cardboard and granulated sugar? You are welcome to test the finished product, but before we get that far:

State of Illinois Roofing License 104.013803