How Chicago Concrete Contractors Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor living areas not only provide comfortable spaces for entertainment, they add value to your home. This area should include all the design details of an indoor space and the ability to withstand exposure to the elements.  This makes concrete an excellent choice for creating the ultimate outdoor living space and Chicago concrete contractors can help you extend your living space across your property.  Below are some key elements to consider for your outdoor projects:


Patios, walkways, and stairs will create the floor-plan and design for your outdoor project. Stained concrete adds depth and creates a beautiful contrast to your yard's natural elements. Add even more visual interest by accenting seating areas with versatile outdoor rugs.


Once your floor-plan has been laid, add furniture for dining and lounging.  Concrete can be used to build seat walls, couches, chaises, and other outdoor seating. Soften and highlight these lounging areas with colorful cushions and pillows.


Having an outdoor kitchen area is great if you entertain often or if you just love to grill. Install concrete countertops and sinks for food preparation, and grills or brick pizza ovens for cooking. Concrete countertops are weather resistant and can be molded into any shape that fits your space. Coating the countertops and sinks with a sealant will protect against stains.  If you entertain often, you can even build a concrete bar area for drink preparation.


Use your outdoor area late into the evening by asking your Chicago concrete contractor to install wood- or gas-burning fireplace, firepits, or chimineas. These elements will keep you and your guests warm and create an intimate area for conversation.

Water Features

Create a relaxing, tranquil environment by adding waterfalls, ponds, and spas, or make a space for fun in the sun by adding a pools and fountains. Here in Chicago, concrete contractors often use faux rock for water feature construction. Concrete rocks can be made to  replicate real rock formations and can be built onsite, which eliminates the expense of hauling materials in from other areas.

In a city where space it at a premium, the design and flow of your yard is vital to your ability to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Chicago concrete contractors can help you determine the best way to utilize your space and achieve your perfect patio.