Why Should You Use Masonry For Construction

Trying to decide on a material for an external construction project? Why not go with stone masonry? No matter what project you’re working on, it’s a pretty solid investment.   It’s been used in construction projects for centuries now, as far back as the middle ages. There are many reasons for that. Today, we’re going to go over just a few.

It’s Strong, Durable, and Easy To Maintain

Compared to materials like wood, masonry is far more solid. It won’t generally suffer too much from weather damage, and it’s more or less fireproof. As an added bonus, you can also install masonry firewalls and separation walls, and masonry resists common conditions which cause degradation, such as mould and termites. When used to shore up or strengthen existing construction systems, masonry is also an excellent choice. It’s well-suited to bear loads such as roofs and additional floors, and its solid nature means it won’t generally break or bend to heavy snows or wind shears.  The face of masonry also tends to be visually attractive compared to other materials, and it generally doesn’t need paint.

It’s Flexible

Masonry pretty much goes with anything, and can be easily architected into a wide array of different designs. As a building material, it’s easy to manufacture, customize, and deliver. Masonry walls are also easy to adjust and modify, even after they’ve been erected.

It’s Inexpensive

Concrete masonry allows you to build and finish with one unit and one laying operation, and without requiring additional wall coverings. What’s more, because it can provide both the structure and interior or exterior finish of your building, you’ll see reduced construction costs. It’s an excellent insulator as well, leading to reduced heating costs, and using it in a building project can contribute to lower insurance rates.

It’s Green

For the environmentally-conscientious, masonry products tend to be less prone to waste during the manufacturing process. They emit no volatile organic compounds into the air when produced, and they don’t emit gases, require chemical maintenance, or leach chemical compounds. And while stone quarries do impact the environment to some extent, that impact is limited to the area of the quarry, and is strictly controlled. Lastly, masonry is easy to reuse and salvage in the event that you need to tear down a building

It Reduces Noise

The thickness and sturdiness of masonry means it’s quite well-suited for blocking out unwanted noise. For example, an apartment building constructed using masonry will offer excellent noise reduction, and allow its residents to go about their lives without worrying about being disturbed - or disturbing anyone else.

A Rich Legacy

Masonry has been used as a building material for thousands of years, and not without reason. As a material, it has a rich heritage across the world, and its sustainability makes it an attractive option, even today. Use it in your next project, and see for yourself.