Why Should You Use Masonry For Construction

Should You Use Masonry For Construction?
Trying to decide on a material for an external construction project? Why not go with stone masonry? No matter what project you’re working on, it’s a pretty solid investment.   It’s been used in construction projects for centuries now, as far back as the middle ages. There are many reasons for that. Today, we’re going to go over just a few. It’s Strong, Durable, and Easy To Maintain Compared to materials like wood, masonry is far more solid. It won’t generally suffer too much from weather

How To Repair Brick Mortar - A Step-by-Step Guide

Brick wall with crumbling mortar in need of repair
Brick makes for one of the most beautiful building exteriors available. The fact that it’s relatively durable and easy to maintain is yet another bonus - generally speaking, you don’t have to renovate brickwork as often as wood or cut stone. Still, every now and then, you’ll need to bust out the supplies for some fixes. Most frequently, it’s the mortar holding brickwork together that gets worn out. Over time, it eventually starts to crack, recede, and spill from the joints between bricks. Left

Tips for Cleaning the Roofing in Chicago Homes

Tips for cleaning roofing
Cleaning the roofing in Chicago homes can increase the curb appeal of your home. Regular maintenance will reduce or eliminate discolorations and streaks that make your relatively new roof look old and worn out. Cleaning will also help to remove mildew and moss that can damage your shingles. What you’ll need to clean your roofing: A bucket 1 gallon of hot water 1 cup of powdered laundry detergent 1 cup of chlorine bleach A garden hose A pump sprayer A stiff, natural-bristled broom A stir stick

3 Ways to Remove Oil Stains from your Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway
No matter how hard you try, oil stains on your concrete driveway are nearly impossible to avoid. There are several methods for cleaning these stains, though the size of the oil spill and length of time the stain has had to set will determine the process for removal. All natural removal If your spill is fresh, apply a liberal amount of cat litter onto the affected area of your concrete driveway and use a nylon-bristled brush to spread it evenly. Allow the litter to sit for at least one hour to

Going Green Chicago Style: Can Masonry Be Recycled?

Brick masonry recycled as sidewalk
Can masonry be recycled? With the rise of crafting sites like Pinterest, many people are re-purposing old materials, giving them new life. But recycling brick can be tricky. Below are a few tips and tricks for working with recycled masonry. 1. Use old brick to match historical facades. Just as in mortar for tuckpointing, brick restoration projects often involve matching the color of the brick to create a uniform finished product. Many masonry contractors can locate matching bricks for you,

Four Reasons to Hire Reputable Chicago Concrete Contractors

Reputable Chicago Concrete Contractors
Laying concrete is a difficult process. This multi-step process can be exhausting and time consuming, and if the work isn't done properly, it can shorten the life of the project. Here are four good reasons to hire Chicago concrete contractors for your next project. Laying concrete requires expensive tools First, you'll need tools for building the forms to mold the concrete--hammers, portable saws, sledges, pry bars, etc. You'll also need to purchase shovels, hoes, power mixers, tampers,

Construction for Beginners: What is the Difference Between Mortar and Concrete?

What is the Difference Between Mortar and Concrete?
Because we handle both tuckpointing and concrete construction at Bald Eagle, we often get asked about the difference between mortar and concrete. Especially, can one be substituted for the other? While it may seem like the only difference is how each is used, they each have their own very different properties; each specializing in its own area. Though both mortar and concrete are widely used building materials, they cannot be substituted for each other without compromising the integrity of a

Tuckpointing in Chicago Area Homes: Does Your Home Need Repair?

Brick home in Chicago Area
While bricks can last nearly a century, the mortar holding them together must be replaced several times during the life of the walls to prevent any damage. This common repair is called tuckpointing, and it can dramatically increase the life of your home’s façade. What is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing is the removal and replacement of the mortar between the bricks of your home.  It is a labor intensive project that should be completed by an experienced mason.  Proper tuckpointing in Chicago homes

How Chicago Concrete Contractors Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Area

Concrete patio furniture
Outdoor living areas not only provide comfortable spaces for entertainment, they add value to your home. This area should include all the design details of an indoor space and the ability to withstand exposure to the elements.  This makes concrete an excellent choice for creating the ultimate outdoor living space and Chicago concrete contractors can help you extend your living space across your property.  Below are some key elements to consider for your outdoor projects: Surfaces Patios,

Chicago Roofing Guide: When is it Time for a New Roof?

Roof being replaced
In Chicago,  roofing usually lasts 10-20 years depending on the type of roofing used, though with the proper maintenance it can last several years longer. Eventually, however, you will have to replace your roof. Here are some signs that it's time for replacement: Missing Granules. While it is not unusual for some granules to fall off the shingles, excessive granule loss is an indication that it's time for a new roof. If asphalt or fiberglass peek through the gritty surface, it's time to contact