Small Business Improvement Fund Grant for tuckpointing in Chicago could cover 75% of Your Project

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Would you like to receive up to 75% cash back for tuckpointing? In Chicago, the Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) may be the answer to at least some of your building’s problems. What is the Small Business Improvement Grant and how can it be used? The SBIF was developed to reimburse commercial and industrial owners for remodeling and repairing their businesses utilizing Tax Filing Increment (TIF) revenue. If your business is located in an eligible TIF districts, up to $150,000 is available

What Every Chicago Roofing Contractor Wants Homeowners to Know About Easy Roof Maintenance

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Chicago's weather is rough, which makes annual inspection and maintenance essential to the upkeep of your home.  Because your roof takes the brunt of the harsh conditions, you should do a routine check and make repairs to extend the life of your roof and avoid expensive repairs or early replacement. Below is the beginner's guide to Chicago roofing maintenance. Remove debris from the surface of the roof. Dirt and debris has the potential to hold water that will expedite the deterioration

Preserving the Tuckpointing in Chicago Buildings

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Preserving the brick exterior of your home is an essential maintenance task. Eventually, your home will need tuckpointing. In Chicago, where the weather is extremely varied and quite harsh in the winter months, you may consider sealing your brick. Bricks are made of an extremely porous material, and sealing them will prevent moisture and leaks from seeping through the brick and protect your interior walls from water damage. Divert leaks If your gutters leak your air conditioner’s condensation

Tips for Hiring Qualified Concrete Contractors in Chicago

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The quality of your finished project is directly related to the workmanship that goes into completing it. Before you hire a concrete contractor, do your homework and shop around. Here are a few tips for hiring a qualified concrete contractor in Chicago. Ask for Referrals and Get References! Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and co-worker to see the have any recommendations for the job. If you can, visit their homes to inspect the quality of the work that was done. Be sure to ask them if

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Bald Eagle is one of the top construction contractors in Chicago. For over ten years, we’ve provided affordable, high quality workmanship across the city. In that time, we’ve also acquired a wealth of information and experience that has made us the leader in tuckpointing, roofing, and concrete, and we’d like to pass that valuable information on to the community through this blog. Concrete Concrete is a mixture of sand, cement, gravel, and water that hardens into a hard, stone-like material. It